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Colorful Peruvian food displayed on a rock slab


The word Mistura brings together the essence of Peru, a vision of its people and cuisine, a wondrous blend of cultures of priceless heritage. Our Mistura is a modern Peruvian restaurant that is as lively as the country and biodiversity it celebrates. Mistura captures the multicultural spirit of Peru, combining its native Incan and Pre-Columbian culinary heritage with the Italian, Spanish, Japanese, and Chinese influences that embody the country’s flavorful cuisine. Mistura is an authentic tribute to the diversity of Peruvian food, proposing familiar yet unexpected and adventurous flavors.

Ceviche with onion and yam


Our chef tends to and harvests most of the organic produce used in our menu from our garden's rich soil. The idea of a garden in the city is fascinating and it allows us to keep in constant contact with nature while providing a genuine Farm-to-Table experience. Furthermore, we are committed to preserve the land and its resources by providing agricultural produce, fishery, and cattle livestock that adhere to strict sustainability practices. All poultry, fish, beef, and pork are sourced locally and must be free-range, organic, non-hormone-treated. Just as Chef Nicola wants to pay respect to the culinary history of Peru, he is solid in his commitment to respect our land and water, with conscious usage of the resources available.

Chef Nico


Chef Nicola spooning sauce onto a dish

Chef Nicola’s inspiration to open a Peruvian restaurant in the Central Coast came from his insatiable curiosity and interest in the fascinating essence, traditions and influences that had created the Peruvian Cuisine. Nicola has been always a passionate traveler, wanting to learn about other cultures and places that would enrich his knowledge as a reputable chef. Nicola wanted to explore ingredients that embrace new flavors, be challenged by new techniques that bring depth to his creations, and honor Peru’s history and diversity.


Each creation at Mistura treasures traditional elements of Peruvian Cuisine by using Andean Native ingredients and locally sourced natural free range meats, sustainable seafood, and fresh organic produce that respects our land and seeks to transcend culinary aspects while providing high nutritional value. Ranked as one of the best restaurants in san luis obispo, the Mistura has a diverse menu that offers a large variety of cuisines. We offer some of the best sushi in san luis obispo. We're ranked among the top three vegan food san luis obispo, and rated one of the best steakhouses san luis obispo has to offer. We've also been recognized as a great place to be for seafood in san luis obispo. So if you're a group of connoisseurs with a wide range of palates who are looking for an organic restaurant in san luis obispo, then Mistura restaurant is your top pick.   

Peruvian octopus dish with sauces


The Experience will take you through an intense culinary journey of Peruvian modern gastronomy and its diverse influences. The result is a constant evolving and eclectic menu that features sustainable, local, and native products. The Experience consists of the chef’s inspired interpretations and innovative culinary techniques, while being respectful to the culture. The Experience is offered in limited quantities. When making your reservation for The Experience, please specify any allergies or food intolerance.


CATERING - Weddings & Events

Mistura Catering is the exclusive Catering and Event Production division of Mistura Restaurant. Mistura Catering has set the standard and it is renowned for its extraordinary and Avant-Garde Global Cuisine, flawless Event Planning, and creative stunning Event Design. Mistura Catering is proud to serve Northern, Central, Southern California and destination celebrations, at any location and off-site premises, as well as on-site events at Mistura. We cater and plan all types of events, specializing in weddings, corporate gatherings, wine maker dinners, galas, private jets, concerts, production movie catering, conferences, launch and premiere parties, fund raisers and social events. We at Mistura Catering are committed to the success of your event, designed to delight your senses, provide you with a gracious and unobtrusive service, and deliver nothing short of perfection. We work with what you desire the most and what speaks to your personality, the extraordinary event that reflects your personal zest of life.

Five catering shirmp bites and five small cocktail drinks


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